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Course HIS/601 Ancient India
1. Brief Description:
The course deals with the pre-Muslim period of Indo-Pakistan history. It deals with the Indus Valley Civilization and its landmarks and then also focuses on the origin and development of three important religions of the world: Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. It also discusses religio-political history and social conditions of the people of this period.
2. Aims & Objectives:
After studying this course, students will be able to:
¾ Appreciate the achievements of one of the oldest civilization of the world—Indus Valley—and its relevance to today’s world.
¾ Understand the socio-political and religious conditions of the people. ¾ Develop a background for the later developments in India.
3. Contents:
™ Sources of early Indian History.
™ Indus Valley Civilization, Special study of Moenjodaro and Harrapa.
™ The Aryan occupation of India, their origin and migration, their society, religion and culture.
™ Early Vedic civilization and culture
™ The Epic age, The historical value of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.
™ The Caste system, origin and growth, merits and demerits.
™ Jainism. Life and teachings of Mahavira; spready of Jaiinism, Jain Art and culture.
™ Buddhism. Hindu society before Gautama, Bhddha, life and teachings of Gautma Buddha, Causes of its spread and decline. Buddhist Art and culture. ™ Greek invasion and its impact upon the sub-continent, Greek Art and culture,special study of The Gandhara Art.
™ The Mauryan Empire and its administrative system. ™ Asoka and the growth of Budhism.
™ The Kushana power, Kanishka, Economic conditions and Art, Causes of Downfall.
™ The Gupta Empire, (Chandra Gupta, Sumandra Gupta), Golden Age, Art, Literature and science, Hindu Renaissance.
™ Harsha Vardhana, Character and administration
™ The Huns, their origin and invasion of India.
™ Rise of Hindu Shahia power, social, cultural and economic conditions and institutions of Hinduism.
4. Basic Readings:
Basham , A.L. The Wonder that was India.
Smith, V.A. Ancient History of India
5. Additional Readings:
Bapat, P.V. 2500 Years of Buddhism
Bury, J.B. & S.A. Cook(eds.) The Cambridge Ancient History
Havell, E.B. The History of Aryan Rule in India.
Hutton, J.H. The Caste in India
Keay, John India Discovered: Recovery of the Lost Civilization
Mackay, Ernest Indus Civilization Mukerjee, R.K. Men and Thought in Ancient India Paul-Masson, Oursel Ancient India and Indian civilization Piggott, Stuart Prehistoric India.
Rapson, E. J. The Cambridge History of India, Vol. I
Sarkar, J.N. India through the Ages.
Smith, V.A. Asoka
Sreen, T.R. and S.R. Baksi Ancient Culture and Civilization
Stein, Burton.

A History of India Trainor, Kevin Buddhism The Illustrated Guide
Tripathi, R.S. History of Ancient India Veda Vyasa Ancient India
Wheeler, Sir Mortimar Indus Valley Civilization
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