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1. Brief Description:

This course deals with the golden period of Muslim civilization in the west. It focuses on the intellectual and cultural developments of Muslim Spain and highlights the causes of their downfall and banishment from Europe.
2. Aims and Objectives:
After studying this course, the student will be able to:
¾ Appreciate the richness of Muslim Culture and intellectual effervescence.
¾ Understand the political ideals and administrative style of the rulers of Muslim Spain.
¾ Have an in-depth study of the causes and effects of the defeat and banishment of Muslims from Spain.
3. Contents:
™ Spain at the Advent of Muslim Conquest, the Causes of Muslim Success, Spain under Muslim governments, Tribal and Racial Jeopardy, Civil Wars, Attempt at Expansion of Muslim Borders.
™ Abdur Rahman I: His Character and Achievements.
™ Hisham I: Internal policy, Growth of Maliki Ugh
™ Hakam I: His Relations with Theologians, Wars and Rebellions, His Army and Navy, Character and Achievements.
™ Abdur Rahman II: His Character and Achievements, His Court and Wars with the Christians, Foreign Policy, Cultural and Literary Activities.
™ Muhammad I: Position of the Non-Muslims, Rebellion in Toledo, Rise of the Banu Qais in Saragossa, Rebellions of Ibn Marwan and Ibn Hafsun, His Character and Achievements.
™ Abdur Rahman III: Restoration of Law and Order, Relations with the Christians and the Fatimids, the Title of Caliph, Prosperity and Growth of Culture, Administration and Achievements.
™ Hakam III: Frontier Policy, Relations with North Africa, Scholarly Persuits, Patron of Arts and Letters, University of Cordova, Public Libraries,Development of Architecture, His Character and Achievements.
™ Later Umayyads: Rise of Hajib al-Mansur, Relations with Countries and the Theologians, Military Organization and Wars, Achievements.
™ Decline and Fall of the Umayyads of Spain.
™ Administration of Spain under the Umayyads.
™ Petty Dynasties: Banu Hamud and Banu Ziri of Granada, Mamluks of South East Spain, Banu Hud of Saragossa, Banu Dhu’al-Num of Toledo, Banu
Abbad of Saville.
™ North African Rule: Murabitin, Al-Muwahiddin.
™ The Nasirid Dynasty: Career of Muhammad I, His Buildings, Alhamra, Character and Achievements, His Sussessors, Their Struggle against the Christians, Art, Architecture and Learning, Their Decline and Fall.
™ Expulsion of Muslims from Spain and its Effects, the Causes of the Downfall of Muslims in Spain.
™ Muslim rule in Spain and its Contribution to various Fields of Arts, Architecture and Science, Eminent Scholars including Historians.
™ Structure of government and administration.
4. Basic Reading:
5. Additional Readings:
Hole, Edwyn. Andalus – Spain under the Muslims, London, 1968. McCable, J. The Splendour of Moorish Spain, London, 1935. Calvert, A. F. Moorish Remains in Spain, London, 1906.
Hurlimann, M. Spain, London, I960.
Imam-ud-Din. A Political History of Spain, Dacca.
——–The Economic History of Spain, Dacca, 1963.
——– A Cultural History of Spain, Dacca.
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