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Course HIS/603 The Great Mughals (1526-1707)
1. Brief Description:
The course focuses on an in-depth study of the Mughal rule. The policies pursued
by different monarchs and their impact will be dealt with in detail. This course will also discuss the administrative and cultural advancements made during the Mughal rule.
2. Aims & Objectives:
After studying this course, the students will be able to:
¾ Understand the nature of politics and administration of the Mughals
¾ Comprehend the political theories and administrative ideals of the Mughal Emperors
¾ Appreciate the nature and significance of revivalist movements during the Mughal Era
3. Contents:
™ Sources:
• Tuzuk-i-Baburi by Babur.
• Muntakhab-ut-Tawarikh by Abdul Qadir Badayuni.
• Akbar Nama by Abul Fazl.
• Iqbal Nama-i-Jahangiri by Mutamad Khan
• Padshah Nama by Abdul Hamid Lahori.
• Ma’asir-i-Alamgiri by Muhammad Saqi Mustaid Khan.
His career in Central Asia, His rivals: Shaibani Khan, Ubaidullah Uzbek; social, economic and political conditions of the Indo-Pakistan sub-continent on the eve of Babur’s invasion, the First Battle of Panipat. and its significance, his other conquests in India, his character, study of Tuzuk-i-Baburi.
His difficulties, relations with Rajputs, wars with Bahadur Shah and Sher Khan, battles of Chausa and Qanauj, exile and re-conquest of India, relations with the Safavids, his literary taste and character.
™ S H E R S H A H & H I S S U C C E S S O R S :
Sher Shah; rise to power, his conquests, reforms and administration, his character;
Islam Shah Suri: his character and achievements. Causes of the downfall of the Suri dynasty.
His early life, second Battle of Panipat and its significance, re-
establishment of the Mughal rule, Petticoat government, his difficulties in the
North West, his conquests, policy towards the Deccan States; Relations with the Rajputs, his religious views, Din-i-llahi or Tauhid-i-Ilahi, reaction by the Ulema and Mashaikh like Mujaddid Alf-i-Sani, Abdul Haq Muhaddis Delhavi and others, Mahdavi Movement. His relations with the Portuguese; Administrative Reforms, his estimate.
Early life; His accession; Nur Jahan and her Junta; relations with the Safavids and the problems of Qandahar, conquests in Bengal, Mewar and Kangra;
relations with Rajputs. Campaigns in the Deccan, his literary taste and other habits, revolts of Khurram and Mahabat Khan, his character, study of Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri.
Early life, rebellions of Khan Jahan Lodi, Jujhar Singh, Jagat Singh, Conquests, attitude towards the Portuguese; relations with Rajputs, Mughal-Safavid relations, Central Asian policy; his Deccan Policy, his study as an engineer King; administrative reforms, his character and estimate; war of succession between his sons. A detailed study of Dara Shikoh.
His career as prince, his religious views, measures taken to enforce Shari’at, attitude towards non-Muslims; administrative reforms; relations with Rajputs, Sikhs and the Marathas, his Deccan Policy, relations with Foreign Muslim Governments, Mughal-Safavid relations, conquests, the Afghan Revolt; revolts of the Jats and Satnamis, his attitude towards the Portuguese and the English, his character and estimate of his achievements.
4. Basic Reading:
Haig, Wolseley (ed.) Cambridge History of India Vol. IV.
Richards, J.P. The Mughal Empire.
5. Additional Readings:
Akbar. Muhammad. Punjab under the Mughals.Ali, Zulfiqar. Sher Shah.
Faruki, Zaheer ud Din. Aurangzeb and his times.
Findly, E. B. Nur Jahan: Empress of Mughal India.
Ghori, I.A. War of Succession between the Sons of Shah Jahan.
Ikram, S.M. History of Muslim Civilization in India and Pakistan.
Khan, Yar Muhammad. Iranian influence in Mughal India.
—————————-. The Deccan Policy of the Mughals.
Lamb, Harold Babur, The Tiger.Prasad, Beni. History of Jahangir.
Qanungo, Sher Shah Rahim, M.A. History of the Afghans in India.
Saksena, B.P. History of the Shah Jahan of Delhi.
Sarkar, J. N. History of Aurangzeb.
Smith, V.A. Akbar, the Great Mughal.
Williams, Rushbrook. An Empire Builder of the Sixteenth Century.
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