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Course HIS/608 The Ottoman Empire (1288-1924)
1. Brief Description:

Being placed at the center of the three continents of the world – Asia, Africa and Europe – the Ottoman Empire occupied a special place in Islamic history. The course deals with the origin, growth and decline of this Empire. The study of administrative structures and cultural achievements of the Ottomans is a special feature of this course.
1. Aims & Objectives:
After studying this course, the students will be able to:
¾ Comprehend the territorial growth and political developments in the Ottoman Empire.
¾ Understand the achievements of the Ottomans in the fields of education, art and culture
¾ Appreciate their military and naval administration and achievements
2. Contents:
™ Advent of Ottoman Turks in Anatoia and foundation of the Empire by Osman.
™ Aurkhan :
™ Murad I :
™ Bayazid Yildirim:
™ Muhammad I :
™ Muhammad II :
™ Salim I :
Establishment of the Empire. Battle of Kasowa.
Battle of Angora.
Consolidation of the Empire.
Conquest of Constantinople.
Conquest of the Middle East, Establishment of the Khilafat.
™ Sulaiman the Magnificent : His achievements and administration. ™ Later Sultans : This period will be studied under the following heads: ™ Different Reforms, Eastern Question, Young Turks Movement.
™ Central and Provincial Administration
™ Causes of the downfall of the Ottoman Empire.
3. Basic Readings:
Shaw, Ezel Kural. History of the Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey Muhammad Aziz. Daulat-i-Usmania
4. Additional Readings:
Harold Lamb Suleman the Magnificent.
Peter Mansfield The Ottoman Empire and its Successors.
Cassels, Lavender The Struggle for the Ottoman Empire, 1707-1740.
Gibbsons, H. A. &Shaw, Stanford J. Foundation of the Ottoman Empire.
Muhammad Aziz. Tarkan-i-Usmania.
University of the Punjab. Urdu Dairah Ma’rif-i-Islamia.
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