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1. Brief Description:
This course focuses on the concept and methodology of history writing. It also orients the students with basic tools and methods of research. It enlightens them with the styles and trends of history writing in ancient, medieval and modern times. It also deals with the basic issues of the philosophy of history.
2. Aims & Objectives:
After studying this course, the students will be able to:
¾ Do research independently by following research tools and historical methodology.
¾ Differentiate between pseudo-historical facts—propaganda, glorification etc.—and true historical facts.
¾ Develop historical consciousness.
3. Contents:
Part-I. Methodology
™ History: Its Definition, Meaning and Value
™ Nature of History: Science or Art
™ Varieties of History
™ Research Process
™ Concept of Research: Hypothesis, variables, theory
™ Data Collection Techniques
™ Historical Sources: Documentary & Non Documentary Sources
™ Auxiliary Sciences
™ Historical Criticism: Internal; External, Textual
™ Writing for Historical Research: Technique & Method
Part II. Philosophy of History
™ Philosophy of History: Meaning and concept
™ Islamic concept of History
™ Critical Philosophy of History
Development of the concept of History in ancient, medieval and
modern period with special emphasis on the following historians:
• Herodotus
• Thucydides
• Al-Tabari
• Al-Masudi
• Gibbon
• Ranke
™ Speculative Philosophy of History
Study of different theories of History in ancient, medieval and modern period with special emphasis on the following:
• Ibn Khaldun
• Vico
• Hegel
• Karl Marx
• Oswald Spengler
• Arnold Toynbee
™ Modern Trends in History Writing.
4. Basic Readings:
Collingwood, R.G. The Idea of History. New York, 1966.
Stanford, Michael. A Companion to the Study of History. Oxford, 1994.
5. Additional Readings:
Barzun, J. & Graff, H.F. The Modern Researcher. New York, 1963. Bloc, Marc. Historian’s Craft. Manchester, 1954.
Burke, Peter. New Perspectives on Historical Writings. 1991.
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Walsh, W.H. An Introduction to Philosophy of History. 1958.
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