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1. Brief Description:
History of England is important as well as interesting for the student. The course covers the period when glorious revolution took place and modernity began in England. It also deals with the history of England as a colonial as well as political power. This course is design to highlight political, economic, social and constitutional developments in England.
2. Aims and Objectives:
After studying this course, the students will be able to :
¾ Understand the political and intellectual developments in England which made it the greatest colonial empire of the world.
¾ Appreciate the constitutional reforms and economic progress in England during this period.
¾ Comprehend the British foreign policy of this period.
3. Contents:
™ Glorious Revolution.
™ Reign of William III and Queen Mary.
™ Era of Queen Anne.
™ Hanoverian Accession: George I: George II: George III:
™ Industrial Revolution,
™ French Revolution and Napoleonic Era.
™ Lord Castlereagh, George Canning & Foreign Policy of England, ™ Reforms acts of 1832, 1867, 1884 and 1911.
™ Robert Peel, Political Religious & Social Movements,
™ Lord John Russell and Liberal Party.
™ Goldstone.
™ Benjamin Disraeli & New Imperialism.
™ British Diplomacy from 1870 to1919.
4. Basic Reading:
Haris, R.W. A Short History in 18th Century England. 1963. Norman Lowe. Mastering British History.
Plumb. England in the 18th Century.
Trevelyan, G.M. A History of England.
5. Additional Readings:
Admas, G.B., Constitutional History of England.
Ashotn, T.S., Industrial Revolution. London, 1940.
Bell, U.K. Iviorell, Selected Documents on British Colonial Policy. Brigges, Age of Improvement.
Derry, John. W. A Short History of 19th Century England. U.S.A. 1963. Ensor Robert. England: 1870—1940. London.
Fares, R. George III and the Politicians. London, 1953. Gooch, G.P. A History of Our Time, 1885—1914.
Jarman. T.L. History of 20th Century England.
Keir, D.L. Modern Britain. London, 1968.
Keith, A.B., Speeches & Documents on British Colonial Policy, 1918-1931. Lipson, L. Economic History of England.
Pears & Carter. A History of England, London, 1937. Robertson, C.G. England under the Hanoverians, London, 1961.
Marriot, J.A.R. England Since Waterloo.
Rose, J.H. William Pitt and the National Revival. London, 1911. Scrlley W.T. England in the Eighteenth Century.
Somerville, D.C. Disraeli & Gladstone. London, 1939.
Taylor, A.J.P. The Struggle for Mastery in Europe.
Thomason, David. Europe Since Napoleon.
Trevelyan, G.M. Social History of England.
Wats, J.S. The Reign of George III. London, 1960.
William, E.N. The Penguin Dictionary of England & European History. Woodward, L. The Age of Reform 1815—1870. London, 1962.
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