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2. Aims and Objectives:
¾ to cater to the need of the nation to produce the researchers and scholars who can write political, social, economic and intellectual history of the people of Pakistan
¾ to produce such academics who can teach history in schools, colleges and universities at the graduate and undergraduate levels
3. Pre-Requistes:
A basic knowledge of history is the pre-requisite for joining the Master’s Programme. For this purpose, only those students will be admitted in this Programme who studied History as an elective subject at the graduation level.
4. Teaching Learning Strategies:
¾ Lectures by the Teacher
¾ Tutorials, Assignments and Seminars ¾ Book Reviews
¾ Group Discussions and Presentations ¾ A Compulsory Term Paper
5. Evaluation:
There will be internal and external evaluation of the students. The internal evaluation will be based on the following criterion:
Midterm Test: 20%
Send-up Test: 40%
Assignments: 15%
Presentations/Group Discussions: 15%
Attendance: 10%
A student will be required to secure at least 50% marks in the internal evaluation in order to qualify for the external evaluation. The Department will issue a formal Certificate of Internal Evaluation to each student reflecting the marks obtained by him/her according to the above mentioned criterion. The external evaluation will be done at the end of the session.
6. Attendance Policy:
75% attendance is compulsory; otherwise a student will not be allowed to sit in the final exam.

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