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1. Brief Description:
This course deals with the period of the emergence and rise of Islam. It focuses on the life of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) and the period of the Pious Caliphate. It also discusses the administrative and intellectual development of the period.
2. Aims & Objectives:
After studying this course, the students will be able to:
¾ Appreciate the revolutionary changes brought by Islam to the Arabian society
¾ Develop an insight into the growth and development of a major religion of the world from a historical perspective
¾ Have an in-depth study of the socio-political thoughts, administrative set-up and intellectual developments of early Islamic period
3. Contents:
™ Conditions of Pre-lslamic Arabia:
Geography, Polity, Socio-Economic Conditions, Tribal System, Trade and Commerce, Major Religious Communities, Kingdom of Hira, City State of Mecca.
™ Life of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him):
Early life, declaration of Nabuwwat, reaction, Hijrat, City State of Medina, Ghazawat, the Conquest of Mecca, the Last Sermon, Transformation of Society, Political and Economic System, Administration of justice, Advancement of education, Learning and scientific approach, Policy towards Non-Muslims, Foreign relations and Military system, Spread of Islam
Hazrat Abu-Bakar:
Early life, Sacrifices for the cause of Islam, Election as Caliph, Early difficulties,Munkreen-i-Zakat, apostacy, consolidation of the state, conquest of Iraq, foreign policy towards Iran, Syria and Byzantine, compilation of Quran, character and achievements.
Hazrat Umar bin Khattab :
Early life, servics for Islam, election as Caliph, Expansion and conquests, reforms, character & achievements.
Hazrat Usman :
Early life, role during the life of Holy Prophet, Hazrat Abu Bakar and Hazrat Umar, election as Caliph, foreign policy and expansion of the state, martyrdom and its consequences, character and achievements.
Hazrat Ali:
Early life, services for the cause of Islam, election as Caliph, early difficulties, relations with Amir Muawiyah, the Kharjites, Hazrat Ali’s martyrdom, character and achievements. Imam Hasan as Caliph, his abdication.
Study of Some Special Personalities:
Study of Hazrat Khadija, Hazrat Fatima, Hazrat Ayesha, Abdullah bin Umar,Abdullah bin Abbas, Abdullah bin Masud, Abu Zarr Ghaffari, Saad bin Waqas, Amr-bin al Ass, Abdur Rehman bin Auf, Abu Obeida bin al Jarrah.

Political and Administrative Set-up:
Political System under the Pious Caliphate, Central & Provincial Administration, Revenue System, Administration of Justice, Education and advancement of learning, Military system, State of society, Public Welfare works, Policy towards non-Muslims, Expansion and Conquests.
4. Basic Reading:
5. Additional Readings:
Hafiz Ghulam Sarwar Nicholson, R. Arnold, Sir Thomas Watts, M.
Hussaini, S.A.Q. .. Wellhausan Amir Ali, Syed ..
Levy, R. Syed Hussain Nasr
The Holy Prophet.
A Literary History of the Arabs. Legacy of Islam Muhammad at Madina
Muhammad at Mecca. Arab Administration.
The Arab Kingdom and its Fall. The Spirit of Islam.
The History of the Saracens. Social Structure of Islam.
Science and Civilization in Islam
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