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1. Brief Description:
This course is a pre-requisite for understanding the developments in the modern world. It focuses on approaches to the study of international politics,the foreign policies of great powers particularly, United Stats and USSR (presently Russia.) and the cold war themes and issues. An important part of this course is related to the study of regional and international organizations.
2. Aims and Objectives:
After studying this course, the students will be able to:
¾ Understand the concept and theory of international relations.
¾ Appreciate the developments in the international politics, particularly the policies pursued by the Super Powers.
¾ Develop an understanding of the working of regional and international organizations and the role played by them in international politics.
3. Contents:
™ Introduction of International Relations.
™ Approaches to the study of International Relations.
™ A Short Introduction of the Geography of the World.
™ Themes and Topics in 20th Century International History: World War I & II, Causes & Results.
™ Foreign Policies of U.S.A., U.S.S.R with special reference to West
Asia, South Asia and South East Asia.
™ Cold War
™ West Asian Problems
™ Arab Israel Conflict,
™ Suez War
™ Iran-Iraq War
™ Russian Intervention in Afghanistan ™ Downfall of Soviet Union
™ South East Asia and its Problems & Importance in future perspective. ™ Disarmament Problem
™ Gobalization & Its Impact on Individuals, Groups, Firms and Political Authorities
™ Organizations:
™ United Nations: Origin, Structure, Activities and its Functions for
Peace Keeping
™ Non-Aligned Movement
™ Organization of Islamic Conference ™ NATO
™ Warsaw Pact
™ Arab League
™ European Economic Committee ™ SAARC
4. Basic Reading:
Palmer, Norman D. and Howard C. Perkins, International Relations: the World Community in Transition.

5. Additional Readings:
Bailey, S. Four Arab-Israeli Wars and the Peace Process, London, 1990. Bailey, S. The United Nations, London, 1989
Bullard, R. The Persian Oil Crisis.
Buzan, Barry and Richard Little. International Systems in world History. Elfstrom, Gerard. International Ethics
Michael Nicholson. International Relations: A Concise Introduction.
Nagel, Stuart & Anderson, M.S. Handbook of Global political policy, Ngaire. Explaining International Relations
Palmer, N.D. and Perkins, H.C. International Relations, Massachusetts, 1957. Philips, D.M. Hitler and the Rise of the Nazis.
Reynolds, P.A. An introduction to International Relations.
Toynbee, Arnold. Survey of International Affairs Vol. I, London, 1938

Halliday, F. The Making of the Second Cold War, London, 1983.
Ziring, Lawrence. International Relations: A Political Dictionary

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