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1. Brief Description:
The course deals with the growth and development of administrative and cultural institutions and policies during the five centuries of Muslim rule in India. It focuses on the politico-administrative system, cultural norms and socio-religious practices of the period.
2. Aims & Objectives:
After completing this course, the students will be able to:
¾ Appreciate the evolution of modern administrative institutions and socio-political ideals
¾ Have an insight into working of the medieval state
¾ Know about the social, economic and cultural norms of the medieval period
3. Contents:
™ Evolution and development of Political System. ™ Sultan-Padshah: their duties and responsibilities. ™ Administration.
Royal Cabinet and Central Administration. Provincial Administration. Local Administration.
™ Legal and Judicial System.
Muhtasib and Police.
™ Economic System: Land Revenue, Taxation, Trade and Commerce ™ Military Administration.
The Feudal and the Mansabdari System. ™ Religious, and Scientific Education.
™ Society and Culture:
Status of Non-Muslims, Literature, Poetry, Architecture, Painting, Calligraphy, Music, Dress, Diet and Sports. Role of Ulema, Chishtia, Suharwardiya, Naqshbandia and Qadaria orders.
4. Basic Readings:
Qureshi, I. H. The Administration of the Sultanate of Delhi.
—————. The Mughal Administration. Karachi, 1966.
5. Additional Readings:
Aziz Ahmad. Political History and Institutions of the Early Turkish Empire of Delhi.
Basham, A.L. (ed.) A Cultural History of India. Brown, Percy. Indian Architecture.
——————. Indian Paintings under the Mughals.
Habib, Mohammad and Afsar Salim Khan. The Political Theory of the Delhi Sultanate.
Hussaini, S.A.Q. Mughal Administration.
Ibn Hasan. Central Structure of the Mughal Empire.
Khosla, R.P. Administrative Structure of the Great Mughals. Mubarak Ali. Mughal Court.
Nath, R. Mughal Architecture.
Sarkar, J.N. Mughal Polity.
Spear and Ikram. Cultural Heritage of Pakistan. Karachi.
Tapan Raichaudhuri & Irfan Habib. The Cambridge Economic History of India. Topa, Ishwari. Politics in Pre-Mughal Times.
Tripathi, R. P. Rise and fall of Mughal Empire.
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