Management MCQS NTS Set 2

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Management MCQS NTS

The following function is not normally listed as a major (line) function

In the process of communication attention is directed towards the
The boss
The supervisor
The sender
The receiver

The communication pattern in which every person has someone “to each side of him” with whom he can communicate is called
Both A & B
Circular pattern
Chain pattern
Centralized pattern

As a result of the Systems Approach, particular interest is being given to
Input and output only
None of the above
Process and design
Information and decision processes

A decision by a government to lease rather than purchase retail sales outlets is an example of
Finance policy
Monitory policy
Export policy
Sales policy

The tendency of making accurate diagnosis is dependent upon
None of the above
A definition of organizational objectives
Definition of objectives and identification of obstacles
Identifying major obstacles

The decrease of workers productivity with an increase in their wages at the same time, the unit costs will be
Of no affect
The same

As per suggestion of George Humans a leader needs
Concepts that do not change over time or because of new conditions
Integrity and courage
Absolute principles for managing people
A method for analyzing the social situation

An employee of ABC Ltd. is not allowed to accept gifts from suppliers except for token gifts of purely nominal or advertising value. It is an example of a

According to Tannenbaum and schmidt the following is not a primary factor of leadership
External environment

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