Solved MCQS of Economics Set 2

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Solved MCQS of Economics
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During a year aggregate value of produced goods and services of a country is called:
Per-capita income
Net national income
Gross national product
Personal income

Monopolistic competition.
Pure monopoly.
Pure competition.

Rent of building is included in:
Fixed cost
Marginal cost
Selling cost
Variable cost

The real exchange rate is defined as the:
Market exchange rate adjusted for prices
Market exchange rate adjusted for interest rates
Exchange rate determined by the government
Market exchange rate

Income elasticity show the relationship between:
Income and price
Income and saving
Income and demand
Income and consumption

The share of the automobile group in manufacturing group in 2005-06 was:
20.2 percent
14.4 percent
29.7 percent
16.8 percent

Which of the following large-scale items showed a negative growth of -47.97 percent during July-March 2005-06?
Vegetable Ghee

Mairani Dam is being built in Balochistan Gomal Zam Dam in NWFP and Diamer Bhasha Dam in the region of:
Northern Areas

As more of a good is consumed, then total utility typically:
Is negative as long as marginal utility is decreasing.
Decreases as long as marginal utility is negative
Decreases as long as marginal utility is positive
Increases at a decreasing rate.

The elasticity of demand of durable goods is:
Less than unity
Equal to unity
More than unity

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