World Current Affairs MCQS Set 14

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World Current Affairs MCQS
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_ is the general secretary of the comminist party of china and the chairman of the party central military commission.he is expected to become president chinas head of state in march 2013.when the national peoples congress convenes.
park geun-hye
li leqiang
milos zeman
xi jinping

Who defeated victoria azarenka to win italian open 2013?
serena williams
maria sharapova
venus williams
victoria zara

Name the first Pakistani Interior Minister who was suspended for dual nationality?
Rehman Malik
None of these
Sherien Rehaman
Raja Pervez Ashraf

Who is nominated as the interim president of egypt on 3 july 2013?
abdul fatah khalil al-sisi
none of these
adly mansour
hisham kandil

Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister of UK of second term in

Which Airbase of Pakistan was under the control of USA and NATO and evacuated after NATO strikes?
Al Masahif Airbase
Shaheen Airbase
Shamsi Airbase
None of these

Name the pakistans tennis star who wins miami doubles championship 2013 with his dutch partner julien in the united states?
none of these
Jahngeer khan

Commonwealth games 2014 will be held in
glasgow scotland
beijing china
englang and wales

Who is known as Little Dragon?
Muhammad Mahmood Alam (MM Alam)
Imran Khan
General Ayub Khan
General Zia

Consider the Following Statements. Which statement is true?
1 and 2 is true while 3 is untrue
All are untrue
1 us untrue while 2 & 3 is true
All 1 2 and 3 are true

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