World Current Affairs MCQS Set 13

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World Current Affairs MCQS
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Sumoor hydro power project is being constructed by india on
jhelum river
ravi river
chenab river
indus river

SIM stands for
subscriber international module
subscriber identity modal
special identity module
subscriber identity module

The democratic republic of congo (drc) in may 2013 declared that it will start the work on worlds biggest hydroelectric _ dam on congo river in october 2015?
inga dam
congo dam
three gorges dam
kiymbi dam

The International Energy Agency (IEA) in the second week of November 2012 announced that United States would takeover Saudi Arabia as worlds biggest oil producing nation by

former chairman and present consultant of Bahria townMailk Riaz Hussain has signed an agreement with his highness sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak al Nahyan: chairman Abu-Dhabi group union national bank & united bank limited on
february 112013
february 182013
february 132013
february 152013

Pakistan successfully tested their new the nuclear-capable hatf-IX tactical missile.hatf IX is also known as
none of these

Who made the highest runs in any IPL6 match?
gautam gambhir
chris gayle
a rahane
shane watson

2012 Peace Nobel Prize was awarded to
Ban Ki Moon
European Union
Barack Hussain Obama

Which country recently announced a deal with international lenders to cancel its debt of about $6 billion?
sri lanka

Name of the highest battle field in Pakistan as well as in the world:
Hispar Glacier
Siachen Glacier
Yengunta Glacier
Baltoira Glacier

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