World Current Affairs MCQS Set 14

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World Current Affairs MCQS

Bhaderwah Hydro power project is being constructed by India on
Chenab River
Ravi River
Indus River
Jhelum River

The European Parliament approved in September 2012 with an overwhelming majority package granting the EU Autonomous Trade Preferences (ATPs) for

The Australian Climate Commission warned that the worlds sea levels could increase by the end of the 21st Century.
3 Meter
2 Meter
1 Meter
1.5 Metre

A Swedish think tankstockholm international peace research institute in the month of march 2013 mentioned china as the worlds fifth largest arms exporter after USrussia germany and francewhich of the following countries are the top five largest importers of arms?
indiachinapakistansouth korea and singapore
indiapakistanbrazilsouth africa and myanmaar
englanindiachinarussia and japan
indiapakistanafghanstiannorth koreaindonesia

After which incident both Jews and Palestinian began to prepare for a decisive showdown?
Oslo Accords
World War II
World War
I Balfour Declaration

How Many States in the US Presidential Elections are considered as the Swing states?
7 Swing states
6 swing states
8 Swing States
9 swing states

What is the composition of worlds first magnetic soap produced?
None of these
Iron-rich salts dissolved in water
Silicon-rich salts dissolved in water
Calcium-rich salts dissolved in water

Who become the second hindu to enter pakistans punjab province
ravi ram
kanji ram
none of these
kanji narwan

US massive ordinance penetrator (MOP) IS designed to be able to penetrate and destroy underground nuclear facilities in Iran and/or north is famous with nickname of
atom of all bombs
mother of all weapons
none of these
mother of all bombs

Arab Spring was sparked after _______ self-immolation in protest of police corruption and ill treatment
Abidine Ben Ali
Mohammad Abidine
Mohammad Bouazizi
Abidine Bouazizi

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