Quantitative Reasoning MCQS for NTS Set 2

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Quantitative Reasoning MCQS for NTS
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The initial velocity of a body moving along a straight line in 7 m/s. It has a uniform acceleration of 4 m/s2. The distance covered by the body in the 5th second of its motion is
25 m
35 m
85 m
50 m

An ideal choke (used along with fluorescent tube) would be
A pure capacitor
A combination of an inductor and a capacitor
A pure resistor
A pure inductor

A photoelectric cell converts
Light energy to elastic energy
Light energy to electrical energy
Light energy to light energy
Electrical energy to light energy

Steel is preferred for making springs over copper.Whey?
Young’s modulus of steel is more than that of copper
Young’s modulus of copper is more than that of steel
Steel is cheaper
Steel is less likely to be oxidized

If 2.2 kilowatt power is transmitted through a 10 ohm line at 22000 volt, the power loss in he form of heat will be
10 watt
100 watt
0.1 watt
1  watt

The modulus of rigidity of a liquid is
A value not one of those mentioned above

Planck’s constant has the dimensions of:
Angular momentum

Two forces are acting together on an object. The magnitude of their resultant is minimum when the angle between the force is.

Shunt required in an ammeter of resistance R to decrease its deflection from 30 ampere to 10 ampere is

The minimum wavelength of the X-rays produced by electrons accelerated through a potential difference of V volts is directly proportional to

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