Quantitative Analysis MCQS for NTS Set 2

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Quantitative Analysis MCQS for NTS
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A body is dropped from a tower with zero velocity reaches ground in 4s. The height of the tower is about
80 m
40 m
160 m
20 m

Light appears to travel in straight lines since
It is reflected by the atmosphere
Its wavelength is very small
Its velocity is very large
It is not absorbed by the atmosphere

In a simple harmonic motion the kinetic energy (KE) and the potential energy (PE), are such that throughout the motion
KE + PE remains constant
KE remains constant
PE remains constant
KE/PE is constant

The nucleus 6C12 absorbs an energetic neutron and emits a beta particle (?) The resulting nucleus is

The percentage errors in the measurements of mass and speed are 2% and 3% respectively. How much estimate of the kinetic energy obtained by measuring mass and speed

A point charge Q is placed at the mid-point of a line joining two charges 4q and q. if the net force on charge q is zero. then Q must be equal to

Which of the modulus of elasticity is involved in compressing a rod to decrease its length?
None of the above
Bulk modulus
Modulus of rigidity
Young’s modulus

Which of the following is not thermo dynamical function?
Internal energy
Gibb’s energy
Work done

A man pushes a wall but fails to displace it. He does:
Maximum positive work
Positive work but not maximum
Negative work
No work

A pendulum clock set to give correct time in Karachi is taken to Quetta it would give correct time if
The length of the pendulum is decreased
The length of the pendulum os increased
The mass of the pendulum is increased
The mass of the pendulum is decreased

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