MCQS of Physics for NTS Set 4

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MCQS of Physics for NTS
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A sun rise or sun set, the sun looks reddish because.
The sun is hottest at these times
Of the scattering of light
The sun is coldest at these times
Of the effects of reflection and refraction

What will be the duration of the day and night (in hour) if the diameter of the earth is suddenly reduced to half its original value the mass remaining constant?

The peak voltage in a 200 volt A.C supply is nearly

Planck’s constant has the dimensions of:
Angular momentum

When n-type of semiconductor is heated
Number of holes increases while that of electrons decreases
Number of electrons and holes remains same
Number of electrons increases while that of holes decreases
Number of electrons and holes increases equally

The minimum wavelength of the X-rays produced by electrons accelerated through a potential difference of V volts is directly proportional to

A person standing near the track of  a fast moving train has tendency to fall towards it because of
Gravitation force of attraction between person and trains
Some other effect
The high speed of train
Vibration due to motion of train

The temperature at which the speed of sound becomes double as was at 27°C is

If a diamagnetic substance is brought near north or south pole of a bar magnet it is
Repelled by the poles
Attracted by the poles
Repelled by north pole and attracted by the south pole
Attracted by the north pole and repelled by the south pole

What remains constant in the field of central force?
Potential energy
Linear momentum
Kinetic energy
Angular momentum

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