MCQS of Biology 1st Year Chapter 4

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MCQS of Biology 1st Year
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Which of the following pair of structure-function is mismatched
Nucleolus, ribosomes production
Glogi, muscle contraction
Lysosome, intracellular digestion
Ribosomes, protein synthesis

Which one of the following is true about chloroplast
Involve in protein synthesis
Found in underground parts of plants
Help in pollination and dispersal of seeds
Self replicating organelles

Tay sach’s disease in caused by the
Accumulation of glycogen
Accumulation of lipids
Accumulation of proteins
Accumulation of vitamins

Chimpanzee had the chromosomes

Which statement about nucleolus is not true
Composed of two regions
Hereditary center
Synthesize site for RNA
Without membranous boundary

Which statement about plastids is true
They contain DNA and ribosomes
They are surrounded by a single membrane
They are found in all organisms
They are power house of cell

One of the following is not double membranous structure

Which of the following statement about the ribosomes is correct
They are structurally different from free ribosomes
They are attached to cisternal surface
They are enclosed in their own membrane
They are concentrated in the cisternal space for the rough ER

Which type of cell would probably be most appropriate to study lysosomes
Mesophyll cell
Phagocytic white blood cell
Nerve cell
Muscle cell

Golgi apparatus was discovered by Golgi in

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