MCQS of Biology 1st Year Chapter 3

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MCQS of Biology 1st Year
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An enzyme is said to be denatured when
None of these
It has no co-factor
It is in a condition of low temperature
Its structure is destroyed

The raw material for co-enzymes are
None of these
Lipids `

The active site of an enzyme
Looks like a lump projection from the surface of an enzyme
Determines by its structure the specificity of an enzyme
Forms no chemical bond with substrate
Never changes

The catalytic activity of an enzyme is restricted to its small protein called
Active site
Passive site
Above all

If more substrate to an already occurring enzymatic reaction is added more enzyme activity is seen because
There is probably more enzyme available than there is substrate
There is probably more substrate present than there is enzyme
There is probably more product present than either substrate or enzyme
The enzyme substrate complex is probably failing to from during the reaction

Co-enzyme is a
Covalently bonded non-protein part of an enzyme
Loosely bonded non-protein part of an enzyme
Co-factor consists of metal ions
None of these

Koshland in 1959 proposed the modified form of
Unit membrane model
Fluid mosaic model
Induce fit model
Reflective index model

Enzyme that are integral part of ribosomes are involved in the synthsis of
None of these

An activated enzyme made of polypeptide chain and a co-factor is

The reversible inhibitors usually constitute
No Linage with enzyme
Strong linkage with enzyme
Weak linkage with enzyme
medium linkage

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