MCQS of Biology 1st Year Chapter 5

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MCQS of Biology 1st Year
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Scientific name has advantages of
Has scientific basis and universally accepted
Same name applied to different organism
Has not scientific basis
Same organism have different name in different areas

Which one of the following is false about AIDS
Auto-immune deficiency syndrome

In lysogenic cycle, the DNA of bacteriophage
Is immediately degraded when it enters the host
Joins the bacterial chromosomes
Attaches to the inner surface of the host membrane
Goes directly to the host’s ribosomes for translation

One of the following is in the order of increasing group size, beginning with the smallest family, kingdom, species, phylum or division, genus, order and class
Class, genus, order, family
Species, genus, order, family
Family, kingdom, species, genus
Division, genus, order, class

Pigs are the reservoir to
Hepatitis C
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis E
Hepatitis B

Temperate phage may exist as

In the five kingdom system of classification of Robert Whittacker, the members of kingdom plantae are autotrophic, eukaryotic and
Have sexual reproduction
Either unicellular or multicellular

In the two kingdom systems which of these would characterize an animal
Inability to move
Ingestion of food
Cellulose cell wall

In the binomial system of taxonomy, the first word of an organism’s name is its

An isolated virus is not considered living, since it
Rapidly looses its gnome chemically inert
Separates into two inert parts
Is coated with an airtight shield
Cannot metobolize

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