Management MCQS NTS Set 1

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Management MCQS NTS
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Management MCQS NTS Available Here. In this pages your can get Management MCQS with Answers for FPSC,NTS.
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I can be said about social systems that they are
All of the above

Words are a similar type of communication medium to that of
MS word

Administrative management is a process of
Coordinating and communicating in the organization with the responsibility for overall operations of the enterprise
Making rules and regulations regarding administration of the business.
None of the above
Managing the activities of marketing and sales people

The assumptions that “a leader is leader” and his behaviour can not be analyzed is consistent with the following leadership approach

The requirement of an Effective communication is
Information and a sender
A receiver and encoding
Information and understanding
A sender and decoding

To ensure proper maintenance of TV by the customers, a decision to promote the sale of service contracts with TV sales was taken. This is an example of
Appealed policy
Imposed policy
All of the above
Originated policy

Transactional analysis is not referred to the following ego states

The following goal is unlikely to be included in performance appraisal
All of the above
To identify psychological problems
To discuss government policies
To identify children educational requirements

The following level of management is more concerned with planning and organizing
Only A & B
First level

The following factor is not normally included as a primary motive

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