11th Principles of Economics MCQS Chapter 10

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11th Principles of Economics MCQS
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One of the following is not the characteristic of money
Non homogeneity
General acceptability

According to quantity theory of money, if quantity of money is doubled then prices are doubled while value of money is
Less than one halved
Not influenced
One halved

One of the following is not the fiscal measure to control inflation
Increase in the value of money
Increase in taxes
Decrease in public expenditures
Encouragement of saving

One rupee note in paper money is
Convertible paper money
Inconvertible paper money
Limited legal tender money
Unlimited legal tender money

Which is considered as a transfer payment
unemployment allowances

One of the following is not the assumption of quantity theory of money
Quantity of goods and services should go on changing
Velocity of Circulation of credit money should not change
Quantity of hoardings should not change
Velocity of circulation of legal money should not change

What performs the functions of money, is money
This definition of money is stated by
Prof Pigou
Prof Walker
Prof Crowther
Prof Marshall

Relationship of value of money with quantity of money is

There exists a relationship between inflation and deflation
None of three

Which kind of budget is better during the situation of inflation
Deficit budget
Domestic budget
Surplus budget
Balanced budget

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