11th Principles of Economics MCQS Chapter 8

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11th Principles of Economics MCQS
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According to which economist, some factors are indivisble
Adam Smith

Marginal revenue product curve is called
Supply curve of industry
Demand curve of firm
Demand curve of industry
Supply curve of firm

Tendency of demand curve of a factor of production is

According to which economist, it is difficult to find marginal product
Taussing and Davenport
Adam Smith and Mathuls
Robbins and Keynes
Marshall and pigou

Marginal revenue product curve is called
Supply curve of industry
Demand curve of the firm
Demand curve of the industry
Supply curve of the firm

MPP stand is
Marginal Perfect Price
Marginal Physical Price
Marginal Physical Product
Marginal price product

Cost of a firm on the optimum combination of factors of production is

Marginal productivity theory was presented by
Adam Smith and Malthus
Marshall and J.B Clark
Robbins and Keyness
Pigou and Cannon

Which law is applicable on production process under marginal productivity theory
Law of decreasing return
Law of increasing return
Law of constant return
Law of decreasing cost

According to which theory every factor of production gets the reward of its services equal to its marginal product
Demand and supply theory
Marginal productivity theory
Liquidity preference theory
Uncertainty theory

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