Essays About Myself | Pakistan Of My Dreams
Dreams are natural. That is why everyone in this world is prone to dream. One always makes a plan about his future. So I have a Pakistan of my dreams which would be different fro the present one. First thing it would be a Pakistan in which there will be no racism communalism and provincialism. First of all I would root out communalism whatever its shape or from may be.

All such tendencies which fan the forces of separatism and disruption would be eliminated. Unity will be celebrated. Next I want Pakistan to be scientifically advanced, technologically better and agriculturally sound. I would like to build a Pakistan where science and scientific ideas and not the blind faith and fanaticism, crude emotionalism and coarse sentimentalism would rule. I would like to bring Pakistan at the apex of scientific and technological progress.

The Pakistan of my dreams would be a Pakistan which is self sufficient in food All the waste and barren lands would be cultivated for achieving self sufficiency in food grains. Agriculture would be given special attention because agriculture is the base of Pakistan economy. An agrarian revolution would be brought about by launching intensive agricultural programmes and farmers would be asked to use better seeds and fertilizers. I would like the country to be highly industrialized.

This is the age of machines and industrialization of the country is a must if the country is to taken to the zenith of progress and prosperity with out industry the country cannot make progress. I would also strengthen Pakistan's defense. The country would e so strong that no enemy would ever dare to cast her covetous eyes on the sacred soil of Pakistan. Defense and security of the country would be of paramount importance. For this the country would be equipped with all the paraphernalia of modern defense. Abolition of ignorance and illiteracy would be my next endeavours,

because these are a curse. People would be educated on a mass scale then the system of democracy would be workable. The next thing which I would like to see in Pakistan of my dreams would be the abridgement of the gap between the rich and the poor. National income would be disturbed rationally among he sections of the society. Provision of food housing and clothing to one and all would be given top priority in the Pakistan of my dreams. For achieving and accomplishing this socialism would be the only remedy which if practiced sincerely would really usher Pakistan in an era of economic equality. Thus Pakistan would really be counted among the leading powerful countries of the world and would also guide those countries which are still slaves of big powers.