Advantages of registration
Registration is compulsory for FG Study. It provides you lot of advantages
FG Study has a unique design for students.It is time saving. Student only use content related to their classes.
FG Study record complete result of student.

How to select class group during registration?
It is very easy. When you apply for an account. You have to fill registration form. You can select your class and its subjects (Arts, Biology and Computer).

Can I select multiple groups?
No, you cannot select multiple groups

How to change group after registration?
Class groups are fix after registration. If you still want to change your class group, you can contact admin and submit a request. Your request will be approve within 48 Hours.

How FG Study prepare questions?
All content use on FG Study is taken form Punjab and Federal textbook board. Most of the books in both boards are same. FG Study prepare all course according to scheme of study.

Does the content suit my board?
FG Study content is completed matches with Federal & Punjab Board.

I do not use internet frequently:
FG Study also offer desktop software. You can get the desktop version FG Study software by going to FG Study SHOP

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