Essays on Five Things I Love Most

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معزز ممبران، خدمات کے معیار کو بہتر کرنے کے لئے ہم نے ایف جی اسٹڈی کوئز کے ڈیزائن اور ڈھانچے کو تبدیل کیا ہے۔جس سے کچھ پرانے صفحات کا ایڈریس تبدیل ہوچکا ہے۔اگر آپ کو مطلوبہ مواد/صفحہ نہیں مل رہا تو براہ کرم اس لنک پر جائیں

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Essays About Myself | Five Things I Love Most
All of us have our likes and dislikes. So have I. My dislikes are many. But out of my likes I have five at the top. These are Poetry of Nature, Music specially Ghazals, excursions meeting people and reading thought provoking books and magazines.

Whenever I find time. I like to do one of them. Infact if depends on mood. I do not like to sit free. I am always doing something. Being a student of literature, I have read Wordworth and his poems have left their lasting effect on me. Other poets of nature who have impressed me most are Dr. Muhammad Iqbal in Urda, Mirza Ghalib , Mir Taqi Mir, and Faiz. All the poets are good but I like Ghalib better. He speaks everyone's heart. Ghalib's poetry is a true reflection of man. He wrote not only love poems but also mystical as well. That is why he is popular even today.

Music people say has its effect even on trees plants animal and their growth. Milking cows have shown better yield of milk due to music. In music I like Ghazals best. Iqbal Ghalib Firaq and Saghar Nizaami are some of my choicest poets. In other words I can say music is the food of soul. When I am upset or tired I love to play music I do not like disco. Most of the time I enjoy classical. I have gone on excursions to almost all nearby hill stations and health resorts. I prefer to go on educational scientific and historical tours also and have been to Karachi, Murree, Islamabad, and Peshawar.

I usually go with my friends . I have proper timetable. One after another I visit the next place. I have collected a lot of information about them. I have photographs of most of the places. Meeting people from various professions is my another hobby. I have pen friends among intellectuals Artists, Actors, Dancers, Scientists and University Professors. When I get a chance I never miss it. Sometimes I specially make a plan or request someone for an appointment. I like to meet great personalities.

My main preference goes to professors and scholars. Reading books on philosophy, Religion Anthropology, World History and Literature is my last liking. I subscribe to magazines and read in libraries also. Books and magazines on these subjects. Religious books are also very important. We feel real peace while reading them. Moreover we come to know how we can succeed in this world and the world here after.