MA Syllabus Course Outline

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The University of Punjab Lahore MA Syllabus Course Outline

you can get all Punjab university MA Syllabus Course Outline for M.A and M.SC Lever.and also know about ma subjects for private candidates.

Syllabus / Course Outline for M.A / M.SC Lever

PU M.A Economics Syllabus

PU M.A English Syllabus

PU M.A History Syllabus

PU M.A Urdu Syllabus

PU M.A Islamic Studies Syllabus

PU  Mathematics (M.Sc. Subject) Syllabus
(for Candidates passing bachelor exam with double MATH (A & B))

PU M.A Philosophy Syllabus

PU M.A French Syllabus

PU M.A Arabic Syllabus

PU M.A Persian Syllabus

PU M.A Punjabi Syllabus

PU M.A Political Science Syllabus

PU M.A. Music Syllabus

PU M.A. Kashmiriyat Syllabus

PU M.A. Archaeology Syllabus

Punjab Univerysy M.A Education

M.A Education Elementary

M.A Education Secondary

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