Quantitative Analysis MCQS for NTS Set 1

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Quantitative Analysis MCQS for NTS
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How does the Young’s modulus vary with the increase of temperature?
Remains constant
First increases and then decreases

The dot product of two vectors is negative when
None of the above is correct
They are perpendicular vectors
They are anti-parallel vectors
They are parallel vectors

A bullet is short from a rifle. As a result the rifle recoils, The kinetic energy of rifle as compared to that of bullet is
Cannot be concluded

The distance between node and anti-node is

Band spectrum in produced by

If the dot product of two non-zero vectors vanishes the vectors will be
Opposite to each other
Perpendicular to each other
In the same direction

Boyle’s law is applicable in
Isothermal process
Isochoric process
Isobaric process
Isotonic process

The half life of a radio-isotope is 5 years The fraction of atoms decayed in this substance after 15 years will be

At constant volume temperature is increased then
Number of collisions per unit time will increase
Collisions will not change
Collisions will be in straight lines
Collision on walls will be less

When boron is added as an impurity to silicon the resulting material is
n type semiconductor
p-type semiconductor
n type conductor
p-type conductor

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