Physics MCQS with Answers Set 2

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Physics MCQS with Answers
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In a simple harmonic motion (SHM), which of the following does not hold?
To force on the particle is maximum at the ends
The acceleration in minimum at the mean position
The potential energy is maximum at the mean position
The kinetic energy is maximum at the mean position

A body of mass 2 kg is thrown up vertically with K.E. of 490 joules. If the acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s2, the height at which the K.E, of the body becomes half its original value is given by:
25 m
10 m
50 m
12.5 m

When n-type of semiconductor is heated
Number of electrons and holes remains same
Number of electrons and holes increases equally
Number of electrons increases while that of holes decreases
Number of holes increases while that of electron decreases

A bullet is shot from a rifle. As a result the rifle recoils. The kinetic energy of rifle as compared to that of bullet is
Cannot be concluded

A 220 V, 50 Hz. A.C. source is connected to an inductance of 0.2 H and a resistance of 20 ohm in series. What is the current in the circuit?
10:00 AM
3.33 A
33.3 A
5:00 AM

The conductivity of a superconductor is
Very small
Very large

A particle moves along a circular path under the action of a force. The work done by the force is
Negative and non zero
None of the above
Positive and non-zero

The time period of a simple pendulum is 2 seconds. If its length is increased by 4 times, then its period becomes
4 s
16 s
8 s
12 s

The structure of solids is investigated by using
Intra red Radiation
Cosmic Rays

A monochromatic source of light is placed at a large distance d from a metal surface. Photoelectrons are ejected at rate n, kinetic energy being E. If the source is brought nearer to distance d/2, the rate and kinetic energy per photoelectron become nearly
4n and 4E
2n and 2E
4n and E
N and 4E

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