Physics MCQS with Answers Set 3

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Physics MCQS with Answers
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The temperature at which the speed of sound becomes double as was at 27°C is

Which of the following is not thermo dynamical function?
Gibb’s energy
Work done
Internal energy

A wire is stretched to double of its length. The strain is

A 2 kg body and a 3 kg body have equal momentum. If the kinetic energy of 3 kg body is 10 J, the KE of 2 kg body will be
45 J
15 J
6.66 J
22.5 J

The smooth or steady stream-line flow is know as
Both a and b
None of the above
Laminar flow
Turbulent flow

An ideal choked (used along with fluorescent tube) would be
A combination of an inductor and a capacitor
A pure capacitor
A pure resistor
A pure inductor

What is the average energy of N molecules of monoatomic gas?
5/2 NKT
3/2 NKT
1/2 NKT

The mass defect for the nucleus of helium is 0.0303 a.m.u. What is the binding energy per nucleon for helium in MeV?

A particle is moving in a uniform magnetic filed, then
Total energy change but momentum remains
Both momentum and total energy remains the same
its momentum changes but total energy remains the same
Both changes

Which quantity is increased in step-down transformer?

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