Physics MCQS with Answers Set 1

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Physics MCQS with Answers
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Which of the modulus of elasticity is involved in compression a rod to decrease its length?
Modulus of rigidity
Young’s modulus
Bulk modulus
None of the above

Huygen’s wave theory of light cannot explain
Photoelectric effect

Light appears to travel in straight lines since
Its wavelength is very small
It is not absorbed by the atmosphere
Its velocity is very large
It is reflected by the atmosphere

The dimensional formula for the modulus of elasticity is same as that for:
Surface tension

The force between two charges 0.06 m apart is 5 N. If each charge is moved towards the other by 0.01 m, then the force between them will become
7.20 N
11.25 N
22.50 N

Which of the following particles would experience the largest magnetic force when projected with the same velocity perpendicular to a magnetic field?

A ten-ohm electric heater operates on a 110 V line. Calculate the rate at which it develops heat in watts:
1310 W
810 W
1210 W
670 W

A voltmeter has resistance of 2000 ohms and it can measure up to 2V. If we want to increase its range to 10V then required resistance in series will be
8000 ohm
4000 ohm
6000 ohm
2000 ohm

When the length of a microscope tube increase, its magnifying power
Does not Change
May increase or decrease depending on the observer and the place of observation

Ball pen function on the principle of
Boyle’s law
Surface tension
Gravitational force

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