Pak Studies MCQS for NTS Test with Answers Set 8

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Pak Studies MCQS for NTS Test with Answers
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Who were the important personalities of Nadva Tul Ulema?
Qasim Nanotvi
Maulana Shibli
Both A and B
Syed Suleman Nadvi

When the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born?
  1. 25 Dec. 1877
25 Dec. 1878
25 Dec. 1875
25 Dec. 1876

Who of the following laid the foundation stone of MAO High School on 12th on November 1875?
Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
Waqar ul Mulk
Mohsin Ul Mulk
Sir william Muir

When the Cripps Mission came to India?

Separate electrote was granted to Muslims in

Who was the emperor of Britain at the time of Partition of India.
Edward VIII
George I
Queen Elizabeth
George Vi

When the Local election were conducted by Zia ul Haq?

When China made an agreement with Pakistan regarding the establishment of Wah Ordnance Factory.

Who was the author of loyal Muhammadans of India?
Nazir Ahmed
Shibli Numani
Sir Sayyed Ahmed Khan

Who was the teacher of Allama Iqbal?
Sir Thomas Arnold
Syed Mir Hussain
Both a and b
Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

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