Pak Studies MCQS for NTS Test with Answers Set 5

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Pak Studies MCQS for NTS Test with Answers
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When the Muslim League changed its strategy?

Who started the “Sudhi Movement” in sub-continent?
Swami Dayanand
Jawahar Lal Nehru
Dr. Moonje
Dada Bhai Nauru ji

The Moplah rose against:
The British
Hindu Zamindar

Which movement was started by Sir Swami Shradhnand?

Who is the author of the book ” A Nations in Marking”?
Rabindar math Tygore
Abdul Kalam Azad
Jawahar Lal Nehro
Surrendra Nath Banerjie

Where was the headquarter of “Arya Smaj”?

When the Indian Independence Act was passed?
July 18,1947
June 3,1947
1st Aug ,1947

Quaid -i-Azam started his political career from the campaign of which of the following leaders?
None of these
WC Bonnerjie
Surrendra Nath Bannerjie
Dada Bhai Nauruji

Who of the following first second the Pakistan Resolution?
Abdullah HAROON
Ch. Khalique

When did the National Assembly approve the First Constituent of Pakistan?
On March 23, 1950
On March 23, 1949
On February 29, 1956
On August 14, 1947

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