Mathematics MCQS for NTS Set 2

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Mathematics MCQS for NTS
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Mathematics MCQS for NTS with Answers Available Here. In this pages your can get Mathematics MCQS with Answers for FPSC,NTS.
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The number ways in which 5 distinct toys can be distributed among 3 children is

The multiplicative inverse of x such that x = 0 is
does not exist

Complex roots of real quadratic equation occur in
Conjugate pair
reciprocal pair
quadratic function
ordered pair

If the sum of the roots of (a + 1)x2+ (2a + 3)x +(3a+4) = 0 is -1, then product of the roots is

In the expansion of (a + b)nin every term the sum of the exponents of a and b is
n + 1
2n + 1
2n – 1

In Binomial Expansion the coefficients of the terms equidistant from beginning and end of the expansion are
Equal to following term
Equal to preceding term

A point of a solution region where two of its boundary lines intersect, is called
Half Plane

Same as the original determinant
Both A and B
Adj of the original matrix

A line segment whose end points lie on a circle is called
The chord of the circle
The secant of the circle
The arc of the circle
The circumference of the circle

The multiplicative inverse of -1 in the set {1-, 1} is

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