Mathematics MCQS for NTS Set 1

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Mathematics MCQS for NTS
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Mathematics MCQS for NTS with Answers Available Here. In this pages your can get Mathematics MCQS with Answers for FPSC,NTS.
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If x < y, 2x = A, and 2y =B, then
A < x
A = B
A < B
B < y

An angle of one radian is equivalent to

Two natural numbers whose sum is 25 and difference is 5, are
15, 10
20, 5
20, 10
25, 20

If 4 – x > 5, then
x < 1
x > 1
x > -1
x < -1

The equation of the line with gradient 1 passing through the point (h, k) is
Y = k/h x + 1
Y = x + h – k
Ky = hx – 1
Y = x + k – h

A farmer possesses 100 hectometers of land and wants to grow corn and wheat. Cultivation of corn requires 3 hours per hectometer while cultivation of wheat requires 2 hours pert hectometer. Working hours cannot exceed 240. If he gets a profit of Rs. 20 per hectometer for corn and Rs. 20 per hectometer for wheat. The profit function for the farmer is
P(x,y) = 3x + 2y
P(x,y) = 20x + 15y
P(x,y) = 2x + 3y
P(x,y) = x + y

A standard deck of 52 cards is shuffled. What is the probability of choosing the queen of the diamonds

If you are looking a high point from the ground, then the angle formed is
Right angle
Angle of elevation
Angle of depression

In which quadrant is the solution of the equation sin x – 1 = 0
III and IV quadrants
I quadrant
II and III quadrants
II quadrants

A fraction in which the degree of the numerator is less than the degree of the denominator is called
Mixed fraction
Proper fraction
Rational fraction

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