Mathematics MCQS for class 12 with Answers Chapter 5

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Mathematics MCQS for class 12 with Answers
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x = a is a vertical line perpendicular to ____________
x-axis may be
None of these

(-2, 3) lies in the solution region of
2x – y > 3
2x – 3y > 1
x + 3y > 5
x + 2y > 7

The inequality y > b is the open half plane to the _________ of the boundary line y = b

The line through focus and perpendicular to directrix of parabola is called
None of these
Latusrectum Parabola
Vertex Parabola
Axis of Parabola

x + 2y > 6 is not satisfied by
(3, 3)
(3, 2)
(2, 2)
(2, 3)

A function which is to be maximized or minimized is called an ________
Maximum function
Minimum function
None of these
Objective function

2x -7y > 3 is linear inequality in:
three variable
one variable
four variable
two variable

ax < b is an inequality of
None of these
One variable
Three variable
Two varibale

The end points of major axis of ellipse are called

A vertical line line divides the plane into _________ half planes
Left and Right
Upper and lower
None of these

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