12th Class Physics MCQS Chapter 1

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12th Class Physics MCQS
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If a charge body moved against the electric field it will again
Mechanical Energy
Potential energy
Electric potential energy

Net charge enclosed by Gaussian surface is:
none of all
depend on intensity

The electrical intensity is equal to:

Electric intensity due to an infinite sheet of charge is:
none of these

Electric flux is a
Both (a) and (b)
None of above
Scalar quantity
Vector quantity

The total flux through a closed surface.
Dependent on medium and the charge enclosed
Independent of medium
Directly proportional to shape and geometry
Depend on shape and geometry

Coulomb’s force is:
Conservative force
None of the above
None conservative force
Similar to frictional force

Two metallic sphere of radius 2 cm and 4 cm get equal quantity of charge. Which has greater surface charge density ?
First sphere
Both have same
None of these
2nd sphere

The middle region of electric field is:
Perpendicular field spot
Maximum field spot
All of above
Zero field spot

Some charge is being given to a conductor. Then its potencial
Is remain same throughout the conductor
Its maximum at surface
Its maximum at Its maximum at center
Is maximum somewhere between surface and centre

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