General Science MCQs with Answers 9th Class Chapter 3

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Fast are made up of
water and carbon dioxide
glycerol and acids
amino acids and water

A set of all the genes in a cell i s called
Antigens & nbsp
Nucleotides & nbsp
Genome & nbsp

Individual known as universal donor have blood group
A group
O group
A.B group
B group

Blood clotting protein in plasma is called
Fibrinogen & nbsp
Substrate & nbsp
peps gene & nbsp
Hemoglobin & nbsp

The process of absorption of food particles in the body is called
Assimilation & nbsp
Digestion & nbsp
Photosynthesis & nbsp
Respiration & nbsp

They are helpful in transport of gases in the blood
White cells
Red cells

Who discovered the penicillin?
Robert brown
Sir Alexander Fleming and Howard florey
Edward genes
Robert Hook

Platelets are helpful in
Blood clotting&nbsp
engulf bacteria&nbsp
producing Antibodies&nbsp
Transport of oxygen&nbsp

A person having antigen A and antibody B, will have blood group
B group
A group
AB group
O group

It transports digested food and oxygen to the cells of all plats of the body

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