12th Class Physics MCQS Chapter 7

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12th Class Physics MCQS
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In a certain circuit, IB = 40 µA, IC = 20 mA
0.45 amp
450 amp
500 amp
5 m amp

Which device is used as a rectifier?

The p-n junction in which p side is connected to+ive and n-side is -ve the junction is said to be:
None of above
Forward biased
Reversed biased

The circuit of full wave rectification consist of
Three diodes
Two diodes
Four diodes
One diode

Most of the electrons in the base of an NPN transistor flow:
Into the emit
Into the collector
Out of the base lead
Into the base supply

The P.D develop in case of silicon is:

Base of transistor is of order:

In a transistor, collector current is controlled by:
Base current
All of the above
Collector resistance
Collector voltage

NAND gate represented by:
X= A.B
X = A+B
X = A. B

The output from a full wave rectifier is
A dc voltage
An ac voltage
A pulsating unidirectional voltage

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