12th Class Physics MCQS Chapter 8

12th Class Physics MCQS
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Wave nature of particle was given by:
Clinton S. Davisson
Laster H. Germer
Louis de Broglie

Unit of Stephen’s constant is
W m-2 K-4
W m K-2
W m K-4

Which one of the following physical quantities change with relativistic speed?
All of above

Minimum energy needed to escape an electron  ofrm metal surface is called:
Threshold energy
Work ability
Work function
Threshold frequency

The emission of electrons from metal surface when exposed to light is called:
None of above
Pair production
Compton effect
Photoelectric effect

The concept of direction is purely
Relative to the motion
None of these

The unit for Plank’s constant is:

Albert Einstein got noble prize for service in:
Pair production
Photoelectric effect
Annihilation of matter theory
Compton effect

The minimum frequency needed to emit an electron form metal surface is called:
Threshold frequency
All of above
Quanta frequency
Work function

Albert Einstein got noble prize in:

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