12th Class Economics MCQS Set 4

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12th Class Economics MCQS
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Centrals bank rate of lending to commercial banks is called
Money rate
Control rate
Discount rate
Interest rate

How many major exports of Pakistan

Choose the types of Insurance
Both a and b
Property insurance
Marine insurance
Life insurance

It is deducted from GNP to find NNP
Depreciation allowance
Direct taxes

The lower literacy rate in females is due to
Parental ignorance
Lack of access to educational institutions
Discriminatory social norms
All of the above

The balance of payment account of Pakistan is prepared by
Export Bureau of Pakistan
Government of Pakistan
State Bank of Pakistan
National Bank of Pakistan

Population growth rate in Pakistan is

It is the medium of exchange
block money
near money
foreign exchange

Select the correct statement
Pakistan’s exports mainly consist of low-value goods
Pakistans largest item of import is machinery
Direction of trade means what goods ar being exported
Imports must be reduced as far as possible

How many causes of disequilibrium

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