12th Class Economics MCQS Set 7

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12th Class Economics MCQS
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Taxes on commodities are
Progressive taxes
Proportional taxes
Indirect taxes
Direct taxes

All labour is

If government increases taxes private savings
Do not change
Will become zero

Which of the following is international trade
Trade between provinces
Trade between regions
B and C of the above
Trade between countries

For the economy prices are beneficial
Rising slowly
Falling slowly
Rising fast
Falling fast

If money supply in a country decreases
Prices will rise
Rate of interest falls
b and c above
Prices will fall

Most of out exports consist of
Sports goods
Cotton products
A and B of above

Balance of payments of a country includes
Monetary account
Capital account
All of above
Current account

Govt. budget is balanced when
None of the above
Govt. tax receipts outstrips expenditure
Government expenditure equals tax revenue
Govt. expenditure outstrips tax receipts

How many demerits ofsocialism

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