12th Class Economics MCQS Set 3

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12th Class Economics MCQS
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Paper money came into common use
1000 years ago
200 years ago
2000 years ago
100 years ago

Value of money and supply of money are related
Are not related
Govt law

How many kinds of Mobility of labour

If a person is interested to earn income he should deposit his money in
time deposite
Demond deposit
Profit and loss account
saving account

Standard of living of worker depends upon their
Average product
Real wages
Nominal wages

How many types of taxes

The power of a bank create credit is affected by
The amount of cash available
A and b of above
The number of branches of a bank
The cash reserve requirement

Which of the following should NOT be the aim of a government
Inequality of incomes
Full employment
Price stability
Economics growth

In past decades Pakistan increased its GDP. yet living standard of majority has not risen the most important cause of this situation is.
Increased population
increased imports
increased education
Increased govt expenditure

The non Muslims pay Zakat
At a higher rate than Muslims
At the same rate
Do not Pay Zakat
At a lower rate than Muslims

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