11th Principles of Accounting MCQS Chapter 7

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11th Principles of Accounting MCQS
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Which book is used to record all credit purchases?
Cash book
Purchases book
Purchases book return
Debit note book

All the bills given to the creditors are recorded in
Bank book
Creditor’s book
Bills payable book
Bills receivable book

A document is sent to customer when he returns the goods is called
Credit note
Debit note
Currency note
Promissory note

All the acceptances received from the debtors are recorded in
Cash book
Bills receivable book
Bills payable book
Debtor’s book

Bill receivable book represents
All of above
Trail balance

The periodical total of purchases returns book is posted to
Debit of returns outwards account
Credit of returns inwards account
Debit of returns inwards accounts
Credit of returns outwards account

The book which is used to record all goods returned by us to our supplier is called
Sales book
Returns inwards book
Return outwards book
Purchases book

Subsidiary books are called books of
Final entry
Basic entry
Original entry
Secondary entry

Both cash purchases as well as credit purchases are recorded in
Purchases account
Purchase book
Cash book
None of these

When the goods are returned to the suppliers, an intimation is sent to them is called
Credit note
Currency note
Debit note

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