11th Principles of Accounting MCQS Chapter 7

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11th Principles of Accounting MCQS

A book which is used to record small expenses is called
Expenses book
Petty cash book
Cash book
Purchases book

The periodical total of purchases book is posted to the
Debit of sales account
Credit of cash account
Debit of purchases account
Credit of purchases account

The book which is used to record all goods returned to us by our customers is called
Sales book
Returns inwards book
Cash book
Returns outwards book

The cash book is a book of
Simple entry
Final entry
Compound entry
Original entry

A document given by the seller to the buyer for credit sale of goods or assets is called
Cash memo
None of these

Sales returns book periodical total is posted to
Credit of returns outwards account
Credit of returns inwards account
Debit of returns outwards account
Debit of returns inwards account

Which book is used to record all cash receipts and cash payments?
Petty cash book
Sale book
Purchase book
Cash book

All the transactions related to credit sales are recorded in
Sales book
Cash book
Sales returns book
Credit note book