11th Class Statistics MCQS Chapter 2

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11th Class Statistics MCQS
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If we connect the mid points of rectangles in a histogram with a series of lines. we get.
Bar chart
Frequency Polygon
Frequency Curve

Tabulation means, the process of arranging the date into.
Different classes
Rows & columns

Which of the following is written at the top of the table.
Souce note
Foot notte
Prefatory note

The process of systematic arrangement of data into rows and columns is called.
Bar chart
Pie chart

The difference between the upper and the lower boundaries of a class are known as:
class marks
class intensive
class limit
class frequency

In construction of frequency distribution the first step is:
None of these
To calculate the calss marks
To find the class boundaries
To find range of the

The fraph of the symmetrical distribution is
None of these
J- shaped
bell shaped
U – shaped

The smallest and larges value of any given class of frequency distribution are called.
Class interval
Class marks
Class Boundry
Class limits

Which of the following is written at the bottom of the table:
Prefatory note
Foot note
Both A and B
Sources note

The foot note are usually indicated by.

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