11th Class Statistics MCQS Chapter 1

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11th Class Statistics MCQS
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The data about the weights of plants:
Continuous data
Qualitative data
Discrete data
Quantitative data

?(Yi +a) = ?
?Y + na

The word statistic was used first time by:
Gottifried Achenwall
E.A.W Zimmermann

Y3+y4+……+y15 =
?15 i=3 Y2
15?i=3 Yi
?15 i=1 Y1

The procedure of inferring about the population characteristic using the sample is called________.
Descriptive statistic
Inferenitial statistics

The variable that takes numerical value is called______ variable.
None of these

The ratio of A to B is the fraction:
B /A + B
A / B
B / A
A / A + B

If data is arranged in increasing order of magnitude that data is scald to be arranged in:
Descending order
Both A and B
Statistic order
Ascending order

The data about the sex of new babies is called:
Continuous data
Discrete data
Quantitative data
Qualitative data

The whole issue of descriptive and inferential statistic can be described with the help of.
Statistical analysis
Statistical steps
Statistical problem

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