10th Class Physics MCQS Chapter 2

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10th Class Physics MCQS
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The example of shock absorber of the vehicles are:
Linear motion
Simple harmonic motion
Damped motion
Vibratory motion

The speed of sound was accurately measured in:

The speed of sound in air at 0 oC is:
333 ms 1
331 ms-1
332 ms 1
336 ms 1

The frequency of silent whistle is:
20,000 Hz – 25000 Hz
25000 Hz
200 Hz 2000 Hz
2000 Hz 25000 Hz

Diffraction of wave can be observed clearly only when the size of slit or obstacle is nearly ………. To the wavelength of the wave:
Two times
Four times

For normal person audible frequency range for sound wave lies between.
10 Hz and 10KHz
30 Hz and 30KHz
25 Hz and 25KHz
20 Hz and 20KHz

The unit of intensity of sound:
wm 3
wm 1

If there is no extension in the spring then the position is called
neutral equilibrium
stable equilibrium
Equilibrium position

the time period of body attached to spring depend on:
gravitational constant

1 GB =
1023 MB

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