10th Class Physics MCQS Chapter 2

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10th Class Physics MCQS

If the displacement in spring is ‘x’ of mass “m” attached with a spring then restoring force is:
F= m/a

The displacement produced in the spring is directly proportional to force is called:
Newton’s law
Joule’s law
Hook’s law
Boyle’s law

Mathematical formula of sound level (in bel) is:
S.L = Log I/Io (bel)
S.L = 10 log Io/I (bel)
S.L = 10 log I/Io (bel)
S.L = K log I/Io (bel)

When a body moves to and fro about a point, its motion is called:
Rotatory motion
Vibratory motion
Linear motion
Random motion

The sound waves are the example of:
x rays
Transverse waves
Longitudinal waves
Electromagnetic waves

Bets can hear sound of frequency up to:
1000 Hz
120,000 Hz
25000 Hz
100,000 Hz

1 KB = :
1024 bytes
1024 KB
None of these

the part of waves at which particles of the medium are below the normal position are called:
extreme position

The speed of sound of water at 25 oC is:
1560 ms 1
1531 ms-1
1570 ms 1
1530 ms 1

Sound waves are an example of:
Longitudinal waves
Electromagnetic waves
All of these
Transverse waves

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